“I’ve made real friends in here and I’ve also learnt a lot, even how to use computer programs that I had never used before,” said Malorie-Kae.


Malorie-Kae is 25 and has been at YFS’ social enterprise, Substation33, for three months now, as part of her Work for the Dole placement.


She had been looking for a job before, “but no one had really been biting when I handed over my resume,” she said.


“Work for the Dole gave me a choice of where I wanted to be placed and I didn’t want to do retail anymore. I came in and they got me started on the tables disassembling electronic waste. I also went to the IT department, then expressed interest in the Innovation Hub and became the 3D Printers Manager a week

after that.”


Malorie had never managed a 3D printer before she came to Substation33.


“They showed me how to do it here,” she says.


“It is wonderful. I wake up excited to come here every day. I never get tired of watching the first print because it’s just so fascinating.”


“I tell people this is a very nice place. I tell them how we recycle technology; how it all gets sorted and how it’s very much a group thing. The people that I work with are very friendly.”


She describes herself as a fast learner, pleasant and hardworking.


“I come here three days a week. I’m supposed to do 25 hours a week but I really love it here, so I do more than that.


Malorie believes she now has an engaging personality. Becoming the 3D Printers Manager at Substation33’s Innovation Hub has given her a lot more confidence and she’s really enjoying it.


“I wasn’t a very outgoing person. I would normally be in the library at lunch time in school, just doing my own thing until I graduated.  But I’m feeling better and happier now. I just love it.”


A learning difficulty didn’t stop her from becoming an artist. Drawing is her passion and she combines it with her love for video games.


While working at Substation33, Malorie has also learned the value of team work and planning. She has a good sense of achievement and is also very optimistic about the future.

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