Anxiety became a constant in Mitchell’s life after being assaulted by five people on his way home from school.


Back then, Mitchell was 14 years old. He turned 19 in September.


Mitchell’s problem quickly escalated and he started avoiding school and

social situations.


“I wasn’t in a good place 12 months ago. I wouldn’t leave the house at all. I wouldn’t go past the letterbox. I didn’t want to go to school and they actually kicked me out because of my low attendance”, Mitchell said.


“I couldn’t sit still. I had many panic attacks. I would hear a noise in my house and that would freak me out.”


His mother sought help and in March 2015, a re-engagement officer from Education Queensland suggested Mitchell come to YFS. Mitchell worked with Kara, focusing on social exposure, counselling and learning about ways to

handle bullying.


“My worker has helped me get out of the house, do different things and feel comfortable about them. She has also helped me get on an independent youth allowance and attend weekly driving lessons to get my licence” he said.


Mitchell currently goes to Headspace and attends maths tutoring on Mondays at Mylestones Employment to prepare for an electrical apprenticeship with

All Trades Queensland.


He says he is very excited now that he has found a new job at Illuminated Industries in Kingston.


“I feel very good. I have actually started doing something. When I left school I needed something to do, so I did a Certificate in Auto Electrics. I have always liked electrics.”


He says YFS has played a huge part in his journey. Kara, his worker, believes he has completed great personal achievements.


“Mitchell has made significant progress in his long and challenging journey with anxiety. He is certainly living his life and kicking personal goals every week.

He now socialises with friends, initiates and participates in new interactions.

He feels confident to be independent,” Kara said.


Mitchell also makes a conscious effort to take care of himself. “I’ve started going to the gym four days a week. My anxiety levels have reduced. I feel more relaxed now. I don’t really get intimidated by people anymore.”


His life has taken a turn for the better. “I’m happy, I’m optimistic. I’d like to be fully qualified as an electrician.”

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