Cassidy, 18, has been going to school for 10 weeks now.  She’s also been going to the beach, theme parks and having fun with her friends.


A while ago, she didn’t feel like doing any of these things. She didn’t want to.

She didn’t care.


Cassidy was referred to YFS by Education Queensland. She had high anxiety levels that caused her to disconnect from school and peers.


“My family and I were homeless for about three months. I was staying at a little bed and breakfast place and it was hard to get to school. I started to get really anxious. I wasn’t able to go and do things, not even leave the house,” she says.


“When I tried to leave the house I would feel sick, sweaty; like I constantly had this rock on my shoulders. All my friends were graduating and doing many things and I felt like I was stuck in this hole.”


She joined YFS’ YouthLink program and with her worker’s help, Cassidy has managed to regain her confidence and learn how to deal with her anxiety.


“I met with my worker and I can say I was a bit lucky. We’ve taken it slowly, we’ve taken small steps. We sort of started venturing; we will go out and talk, have a little chat. I was feeling anxious the whole time, so we just worked at trying to get out of the house and feeling comfortable being at different places.”


YFS helped Cassidy and her family find a new place to live. She’s now living with her father and her brother. She doesn’t feel lonely or isolated anymore.


“I’m back at school now and it’s seriously the best feeling ever: being able to go and do something with my life again, especially after doing nothing for over a year.”


She feels happy. She’s positive and a lot more optimistic. She credits her case manager’s work for that.


“I would definitely be in my room still, sad, if I wasn’t here at YFS. I felt I couldn’t be helped but my worker pushed me up those little steps to make me realise I can do whatever I want.”


“I needed to get my life back on track and I just feel amazing now. I’m doing stuff, I’m getting up every morning and I’m fine.”


With improved self-confidence and more motivation, Cassidy is ready to finish Years 11 and 12 next year. “I’m getting good grades and I’m so proud of myself.”


She can also see herself doing exactly what her YFS worker does. “I want to help other people. I’ve always wanted to open a little shelter for young kids to come if they’re homeless or need someone to talk to.”


“I can definitely see a future and it makes me really happy.”

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