Amy, 24, has faced many challenges in life including single parenthood and domestic violence.


YFS’ new ParentsNext project has given Amy a head start to return to

the workforce.


She is determined, outgoing and bubbly.


“I came in for my first appointment at YFS and before I knew it I had started

hands-on training in construction.”


Amy had been out of the workforce since she had her two children, a five year

old boy and a two year old girl.


Amy says dealing with domestic violence twice and the difficulties of being a single parent made it hard to imagine getting back into working.


“It took me a while to find myself. I lost the person I was,” she said.


“Determination to be there for my children is what brought me back.”


She had been to YFS before when she needed help getting her birth certificate and also attended counselling for her domestic violence issues.


This time, Amy was referred by Centrelink to YFS’ ParentsNext project.


Through ParentsNext, Amy is back to work and going from strength to strength.


Within two weeks, YFS referred Amy to Break Thru, where she undertakes the theory part of her traineeship under the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, with paid work experience at Stoddart Manufacturing and Substation33.


“It was awesome when I came back to YFS. My ParentsNext worker was a very easy person to talk to and she could see that I was determined to get out there and work, I didn’t want to muck around.”


“It was a very quick process. My worker gives me weekly phone calls to find out how I’m going; what I’ve been doing which I really enjoy. It’s good to actually have that contact. Most job providers they don’t make the effort to do that.”


“It’s been four weeks now. I love it. Construction wasn’t an industry I thought I would enjoy or something that I had actually looked into, but I wouldn’t go back. I’m now looking into making it further; I want to get more skills. It has been an absolute joy. I now have pretty much a straight routine and I’m happy with it.”


Working has brought a big change in Amy’s life. She will finish her traineeship in November and she can’t wait to go into a full time job or an apprenticeship.


“I feel excellent. This is something that I haven’t done in a while and I needed it. It makes me happy to know for a fact that I’m actually making something with myself. I feel better as a person and as parent too, because I know I’m doing the right thing for my children.

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